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Eternalising the graduates of University of Leiden

A room with a history at Leiden University. Students were asked to wait in 'Het Zweetkamertje' before starting their exams. As you can imagine, this waiting caused some stress. The result; a room full of sweaty students and thus referring to the name of it. The University has the tradition to eternalise their graduates by letting them put their signatures on the wall of 'Het Zweetkamertje'.

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Digitalizing the signatures of alumni

We wanted to digitalise the way graduates can leave their signature on the wall of the room and a way for people to experience ‘Het Zweetkamertje’ like never before. Instead of physically leaving their initials in 'Het Zweetkamertje' graduates can now place a digital tag on the wall.

To spice everything up you can now have a 360° look inside the room. Find out all about the alumni and even the royal and political visitors that have studied at Leiden University.


Experience it in 360°

In order to give ‘Het Zweetkamertje’ an online experience we applied a way for visitors to take a 360° view of the room. We've applied the 360° photography into the website to have it attract people and have them take a look around the room and its placed tags. To create a unique experience around the displayed tags on the wall of the room we've applied gaming techniques into a non-gaming environment. All the tags represent personal hotspots and, if clicked, reveal the details of a registered graduate or alumni. To keep alumni connected to the University and 'Het Zweetkamertje' we've also included the possibility to connect the tags with LinkedIn. These options make the digitalised room a perfect way to find out all about the intelligent alumni who graduated at the University with flying colors.


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