Establishing a website for campaign exposure



The challenge

Creating awareness for female Renault Clio RS drivers.

Renault is one of the top three brands for passenger- and company cars in the Dutch automobile industry. An established name. It is a dynamic brand focussing on innovation for the driver as well as passengers. In order to create awareness for female racing drivers, Renault launched a new online series concerning their Clio R.S. car called ‘women behind wheels’. We were asked to develop a website creating more exposure for the YouTube videos of the series. A communication platform had to be that would inform visitors about the release of new episodes.


Dorst & Lesser



Our solution

An online boost

We created a UI & UX design for a landing page. We were free to design a custom template and partnered up with Dorst & Lesser to shoot the right imagery. The landing page was developed and filled with the content Renault provided us.

The overall conclusion was a smooth project and a polished webpage, giving the campaign an extra online boost. Besides this, the female racing drivers got the awareness they deserve. Men, watch your tracks; women are coming for you!


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