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Radical Redemption


The challenge

Strengthening brand value for Radical Redemption

Radical Redemption is undoubtedly an artist who has made waves within the hardstyle scene. Signed to the label Minus is More he rose from spot #67 to #44 in the DJ MAG Top 100 in 2017. However, strengthening his brand value and creating awareness with a larger audience were still some of his goals.

Reaching his fan base in Asia appeared to be pretty though through channels like social media. He wanted to find a way to reach the crowd in this rising market. A summary of some of the exciting questions we were challenged with.


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Gamification strategy

Bring out the big guns

We thought up a business model and new way for artists and events to do marketing through gamification. This particular mobile game for Radical Redemption is based on a players geo location. Crowds can be asked to get to various places within a certain time frame. The app also offers us the opportunity to give away merchandise and tickets for (international) acts of Radical Redemption.

Game Design

Building the game

We kicked off the concept phase with a game design document in which we described all (future) functionalities, game rewards and ideas for several releases. A user experience was done which led to a user interface, wireframes and a draft of the game.

The result was a design with predefined logos and branding elements. We worked on a couple of big features like an in game bootcamp, icon sets, logos and a ton of badges that players can earn through playing the mobile game.


Creating the Radical story

The complete style of the game was created; from (art) direction to (sound) design, the whole back-story of the game, its animations and the atmosphere. This was done for releases of the game both nationally and internationally. Several hours were spent on discussing how to write a script that perfectly translates Radical’s act and appearance.

The story continues…

A touch of comics

Our goal was to give players an extraordinary experience. We gave the animations a touch of comic, since we thought this would perfectly match both the story and Radical’s atmosphere. It also gave us the opportunity to work with talented illustrators who create awesome illustrations for Marvel.

Bringing the story to life

Comic story build for Radical Redemption The Game

The separate illustration panels of the game were illustrated together with two talented artists from Manilla and Mexico City. Even though there was a time difference, the artwork eventually came out incredible! Our motion department turned the illustrations into in-game animations to tell the story of Radical Redemption. Animated illustrations, video and special effects were combined to create an epic teaser video to promote the mobile game. To give it that little bit extra we used an epic hollywood trailer voice over for the video, just like we did with the animated stories.


Growing a strong fanbase worldwide

Strengthening Radical Redemption's brand value and creating awareness with a larger audience were some of the goals we were aiming for. The location based game was therefore set-up internationally.

Besides offering the game to his fanbase in Europe we're also preparing to reach out to his fanbase in Asia in the future. Crowds all over the world can now go to various places to collect badges, join campaigns and win special giveaways like merchandise and tickets for the DJ's events all over the world!


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