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NS Lekker Sociaal



Hop on the train to connect with the ones you love

NS, the Dutch National Railways, drives trains from A to B and from H to Q. Bringing their railway stations to life is a part of their mission. Travelling means spending time waiting on a train you see.

NS asked for an online campaign that triggered people to not just socialise through their social media. Hopping on the train and meeting friends in real life, that was the main goal of this social campaign.




UX DesignDevelopment

Online campaign

An exclusive Facebook campaign

Together with N = 5 we created an exclusive Facebook campaign for NS. People needed to be redirected from Facebook to a website in order to schedule a meet up. This part of the campaign was ours to develop. We created a website for a social campaign you were automatically sent to by Facebook.


Pinpoint the ideal location for your meetup

An online campaign to set-up a place to meet with that one special person. After filling in your location an invitation link was sent to a friend through Facebook Messenger. Being redirected to a fancy looking map, the person opening the link could equally fill in a location and a time to catch up. The website itself then generated a location in the middle of you both to meet. The map, including its routes, is something we customly developed. It also had the option for people to drag the marked position if the pre-set location didn’t suit them. Comes in handy, right? The result was a responsive design and seamless experience for a completely mobile ready social campaign.


Let's meet up!

We constantly thought of ways to easily connect people with each other. Our dedicated team figured Facebook Messenger was an ideal way to do so. Using the application for the social campaign enabled us to create an easy way of inviting the person you wanted to meet up with. At the end, the result was a done deal for us and for the two friends catching up.


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