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Characteristics of Twente

Discover the highlights of the east

Twente has got a lot of beautiful spots that are unknown to most. Characteristics which we thought shouldn’t go unnoticed because of people not being aware of them existing. We partnered up with Marketing Oost to reach the people from outside this region and create more awareness for this part of the Netherlands.


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The concept

A series of six videos

We assisted Marketing Oost with their concept and came up with the idea to create an online campaign containing six video’s. Each video would be covering a different topic to highlight the many characteristics of Twente. Wanting to attract different audiences, we landed on the topics nature, architecture, food, kids, outdoor and wellness. Two influencers related to the topic were invited for every single video; One person from Twente and one from the Randstad. The fun part? The influencer from the west was invited to visit Twente however completely unaware he or she would meet-up with a ‘colleague’. They were going to spend a day or two together in Twente and were given several challenges to get familiar with the region’s highlights, sights and beauty.


We looked up the most beautiful known and unknown locations in the region and invited two photographers Vincent Croce and Eelco Roos to come and explore these. They visited several country estates like ‘t Twickel’ and a monastery in Denekamp. Two full days of strolling around the soothing places, doing all kinds of challenges to find out about Twente’s history. We spread the word of this video with an online campaign reaching about 287.000 views.


Laurens Kuiper and Erik Hageman were invited to share their passion in architecture. More than 179.000 people watched the video on Youtube showing the several architectonic and cultural highlights in Enschede they visited. From the skyline of Enschede in the morning, to the architectonic buildings at the ‘Roombeek’ area, ‘Willem’s waterfall’ and churches in the city centre.


Addressing the topic ‘food’ we invited food bloggers Ellen van Duijn and Lianne van Heeswijk. An online video campaign made sure that about 287.000 people could find out all about Twente’s taste experiences.

They had breakfast at a biological farm, did some wine tasting and visited an official farmers market in Delden to gather regional products which they could use for a barbecue for two.


Of course we also invited kids from the Randstad to explore Twente’s locations filled with activities for children and share this with about 144.000 others. Two girls had a day full of kids adventures by riding a donkey, sailing a boat and a scouting expedition. They even spend the night in an official treehouse.


Former Dutch national athlete Maarten Nijland and olympic swimmer Madelon Baans were asked to go on an outdoor adventure. They met up at the “Sallandse Heuvelrug’’ to show about 185.000 people their skills in mountain biking, went to Outdoor Challenge Park Hulsbeek for kayaking, did a high rope course and finished the day with a good conversation and drink at the campfire.


Cynthia Schultz and Sanny Verhoeven joined us for a full day of shopping and wellness in Twente. They started the day at a cozy patisserie store after which they did several activities that let hem, and more than 240.000 viewers, discover the shopping centre of Enschede.

The second activity gave them a soothing experience at a wellness farm in Tubbergen after which they ended the day with a culinary masterpiece at ‘Landgoed de Holtweijde’.

Video Productions

Taking preparations

The six videos were produced addressing the different topics throughout the timespan of a year. Preparations for the day(s) of shooting mostly consisted of writing scripts and executing pre-production: Call sheets were made, locations were arranged, involved people were contacted and we made sure that our crew was ready for the days of production.

Taking the shots

Take 1 , 2 , 3 ...

We prepared the hosts according to the script, helped with the styling of the set, took the shots and directed the videos. After completing the productions, editing came in order. Every episode knows three versions: the full episode, a recap and a teaser. Video graphics were thereafter created that fitted wit the brand ‘Visit Twente’ to create a seamless experience for the audiences we wanted to attract.


Growth of tourism

The videos were used on specific landing pages and placed on the Visit Twente Youtube channel. Results? The video’s for architecture and nature led to even more than 188.000 website visitors coming from either Youtube or one of the social media channels of Visit Twente. Marketing Oost analysed last year’s tourism numbers from the CBS and even reported a 4% increase of overnight stays in this region.


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