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Grolsch Beugelprinter


The Challenge

Name your own Grolsch swingtop

Grolsch defines itself by its characteristic view on creating a premium pilsner. The brand is known for its distinctive taste and unique swing-top bottle. When we first came in contact with Grolsch about this particular project they were already using a printer for personalised bottle labels. However the system was a little outdated. Something new and better was needed here in our joined opinion. An electronic and smart solution.





the printer

Connecting hardware

In order to deliver an epic and user friendly product we first bought the actual printer itself. The hardware was set up with the idea of future expansion. This enables Grolsch to connect extra printer devices and unroll the label printing system to multiple other shops, events or even mobile locations if needed. The end product is a modular but scalable solution.

We make it personal

Customised label printing

With the new printer in place we decided to link it to a touchscreen panel. Grolsch provided us with the designs of their bottle labels as we were bound to certain prior conditions like the fonts used for printing. We developed a dynamic application which works with the label printer. The app shows the text entered in real-time, in the right layout and font.

As Grolsch is tied to certain rules regarding age and alcohol usage we had to develop a so called ‘age-gate’. A lock that provides someone below the age of 18 from using the label printer. To make the whole process full circle we connected a box that picks up a generated PDF document and electronically sends it to the printer. This in turn creates the actual label.


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