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What is a platform

A platform is a set of technologies that can be used as a foundation to build applications and services. This foundation can take many forms, but often includes some combination of hardware, software and data. It typically includes an operating system, programming language runtime, application server and database

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Headless platforms

A headless platform separates the front-end of a website from the back-end. The front-end is the part of a website that users see and where interaction happens. The back-end is the software behind it, such as a Content Management System (CMS) that feeds the front-end. Decoupling these two platforms gives you greater flexibility. Where traditional e-commerce platforms can limit a website's design and functionality, going headless gives brands the freedom to fully customize. Allowing you to create a beautifully branded and memorable shopping experience. All with instant page-to-page load times, smoother navigation and higher conversion rates.

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Why platforms matter

Platforms are becoming increasingly important as brands move online. A dedicated platform allows you to have more control over your data. With your own platform, you can choose what data to collect and how to use it. It allows you to control who has access to the data and how it is shared. It also gives you more flexibility in terms of functionality and integrations. Platforms allow you to streamline operations by automating many of the processes involved in selling products or services. 

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How we approach platform development

It’s no secret that the digital world is becoming increasingly complex. As our devices become more sophisticated, so too do the platforms on which they operate. We approach platform development by first identifying the needs of your audience. We then select the best suited hardware and  components to build the platform. We integrate these components into a cohesive system asoftwarend test it thoroughly before releasing.

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