Going the extra mile with an immersive virtual experience that engages international audiences
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An immersive virtual experience that engages international audiences. Any place, any time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily affected global events, canceling them for a period of time due to lockdown measures. But what do you do as a business that heavily relies on events to generate revenue? Or in this case, how do you switch gears without sliding off the road?

That’s right. You make the most of it by transitioning to digital spaces. Just like any quality tyre, Apollo Vredestein was able to steer confidently through the curves, bumps, and narrow straights on the road by showing what it takes to engage their customers despite the hardship. This is the story of Apollo Vredestein's 2021 events calendar and the power of online events for digital engagement.

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Digital knows no geographical boundaries

With digital events, location is no longer a constraint. Allowing you to invite people from all over the world to participate in your events and reach a wider audience. But that’s not all. Digital events give attendees the opportunity to browse content at their own pace and zoom in on the topics of interest much faster. Providing them a streamlined and personalized experience. All from the comfort of their own home. Together with Vredestein, we invited people from all over Europe to experience it all for themselves. And to make everyone feel at home, we created content in 12 different languages.

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more freedom
Your world, your rules

Creating an experience and image that reflect your company’s values and branding can be difficult and expensive with on-site events. At the same time, you’re bound and limited by the laws of the physical world. Digital events allow you to break free of these limitations and create a world that is fully aligned with your brand. Can you imagine having your own world? Vredestein could. We were thrilled to help them make their vision come to life. To do so, we created a fully-fledged digital platform with hallways, display rooms and atriums. Giving attendees the possibility to step into a world that showcases sleek design, captivating content and speed.

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3D models that cannot be missed

If you have ever organized a product launch event, then you are probably familiar with showrooms. Depending on your product, these can be challenging to build and design. At the same time, there are only so many people who can gather around to see a product at the same time, while many others need to wait their turn.

Digital events get rid of all these boundaries with 3D models of your products giving participants the opportunity to take home much more than just a brochure. Together with our partners, we delivered a platform with 3D models of Vredestein’s new tyre lineup, giving people total control over when and how they showcase each product. Giving them full control over zoom options and even allowing them to look inside each tyre. We went the extra mile by creating downloadable content including product specifications, test results and product benefits which, unlike physical flyers, won’t end up in the trash. Providing value, at any desired time and place.

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next level
The power of video at your fingertips

Video is a powerful tool to engage your audience and make them remember you. Combine it with an immersive experience and you have the secret ingredient to your recipe. Gone are the days of boring presentations and lectures. For Vredestein, we created video content that entertained, informed and engaged the audience while successfully showcasing their new products.

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Going the extra mile with engaging invites

Boring old invites that get lost in memory are a thing of the past. Stand out by going the extra mile with personalized and engaging invites. 

For Vredestein, it was important to show selected legacy customers and partners how valued they are by offering them the opportunity to collect what they’ve earned, the Vredestein Stripes. Together with our partners, we created video invites that created a sense of exclusivity and appreciation for their selected VIP guests, welcoming them to celebrate their partnership with the brand and collect their Vredestein Stripes.

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The freedom to interact at any time

Give your participants the freedom to speak their minds throughout the event. With a chatbot, you can host live presentations, whilst allowing attendees to discuss the event with each other or ask questions to your team. 

For Vredestein, we wanted to create an experience that feels as real as it gets. That is why we created a live Q&A session where all questions from the audience were gathered through the chatbot function. This allowed Vredestein to remain in the driving seat, whilst giving the event attendees the opportunity to ask any questions they had. The control on conversation provided to Vredestein via the chatbot filter enabled them to answer all the questions more effectively, while at the same time giving more valuable and tailored information to the audience.

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Engaging audiences with conversation rooms

Digital conversation rooms give your attendees the opportunity to connect with your company on a personal level. By giving them the power to ask questions to specific lecturers not only will provide you a one-on-one experience, but also provides them with a much more valuable experience. Making them feel as if they were really there.

This is why we created a conversation room as part of the Vredestein platform. After the live presentation of the Vredestein event, people could interact and discuss any topic with specific lecturers all in one place. This gave the audience the opportunity to take home more valuable information, allowed Vredestein to connect with them, and gave dynamism to the event by allowing the attendees to network.

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