In order to increase brand awareness for Pay, make their offer crystal clear and attract higher quality leads, it was time to create a solid foundation with a brand strategy.
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Pay. is one of the fastest growing Payment Service Providers in the Netherlands. Since 2011, they are building on their mission to be the best omnichannel payment platform in the market.

Their reliable, innovation-driven and in-house technology ensures that merchants can always offer the best payment experience to their customers. Allowing them to get the very best out of their sales channels, 24/7.

But Pay. also had a challenging question. One that we were asked to help them with: 'how do we establish a strong brand that matches our mission?' Together, we set in motion a digital transformation that not only answered this question, but exceeded expectations. 


Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Website

& goal
The payments industry has made incredible progress in recent years. This rapid growth created data and process challenges at Pay. Data was stored in different systems. And because those systems did not communicate with each other, it was not possible to automate processes.
The starting point was a website developed by Pay. with an outdated design and no linked CRM. Pay. wanted a customer oriented system with which the marketing department could run campaigns independently. It was up to us to ensure that all systems were connected.

Pay. also called us in for repositioning their brand. The market in which Pay. operates is product-driven. This led to Pay. communicating mainly in product features and technical specifications. Touching the customer, on an emotional level and with distinctive value, there was only little of that. It was time for a next level brand strategy that fits Pay. today - and in the future. With a well thought-out brand identity, sleek website with all relevant integrations and a marketing strategy that inspires all touch points. get in touch
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& approach
From brand strategy to brand experience - the story of Pay.

Pay. struggled with differentiation and legitimacy. In order to increase brand awareness, make their offer crystal clear and attract higher quality leads, it was time to create a solid foundation with a brand strategy. After a number of creative workshops, we created a brand strategy to give the brand both direction and meaning. The brand strategy translated into a sharp proposition and clear positioning with which Pay. claims its own unique place in the PSP market. The foundation of the new brand has thus been laid. And with it, Pay. is ready to join us in realizing its ambitions as an omni-channel payment provider in Europe.

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"The name has remained the same: Pay. short, powerful and it immediately says what we do. Everything else has been updated. We have a new logo, new fonts and new colors that really fit an A-brand. I think this shows that we stand out in the market and that we are an innovative brand in this playing field."

Priscilla-Fleur Hellemons, Head of Marketing at Pay.

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behind every
payment. pay.
We created an identity that translates Pay's key brand vision: to become an recognized A-brand. The payoff - 'Behind every payment. Pay.' captures the essence of the brand, literally and figuratively. With Pay. merchants keep an overview of the complex payment landscape and can easily increase their sales through real-time insights of their customers’ payment behavior. The color palette of the brand is based on different shades of blue and purple. Reliable and powerful, but also modern and a tiny bit stubborn. A brand that has the wow effect. Strong, contemporary and unique. get in touch
"With our new slogan, 'behind every payment, Pay.' we show that whatever payment you make - omnichannel, online, in-app or in-store - we are behind every payment."

Menne Mennes, CCO of Pay.

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A website for today and tomorrow.
We consistently aligned the brand identity through the website where we tell the Pay. brand story. In a powerful way, you can read how Pay. supports merchants, answers frequently asked questions and encourages the target audience to get the most out of their business.

A good website showcases content in an easy, interactive and memorable way. That's why each section has a fitting call to action to guide visitors through the website. This allows them to find what they are looking for effortlessly and have a smooth experience as they navigate the website.

The main navigation in the sticky header can always be found from any interaction point with a web page. The fluid web animations and layered visuals create an immersive and interactive user experience.

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Fully integrated
and automated

We have built a fully integrated solution for Pay. In addition to a next-level design, it is now easier for visitors to find information and intuitive forms invite them to take action. And when they decide to do so, they are automatically added in all systems after their registration. Fully responsive, so the experience is equally pleasant from any device.


Off-brand landing pages are in the past

We also outdid ourselves in the back-end. Thanks to the large number of templates we developed, Pay. can now build pages that are fully responsive and completely in line with the new branding with just a few clicks.


A simplified registration process - for Pay. and its customers

The registration form is located on a dedicated landing page that takes you through five steps. No more confusing tabs that you have to click through, but a streamlined process through which the registrant flies through. By working with white space and different fields in the design, we created a clean overview for an optimal user experience.

There is an interaction between all systems during information collection. Based on set conditions by Pay. in no time whether a registration is compliant. And when a registration is complete, all information is loaded directly into HubSpot. get in touch
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Marketing strategy
& implementation
To help the Pay.’s team tell their brand story consistently, we also developed content, guidelines, personas, promotional tools and a complete strategy for rolling out the rebrand.
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& benefits
The new website makes it faster and easier to find everything about Pay. With an interface designed according to the new branding, and where the new identity has been implemented to perfection.

With a custom data layer, so that the entire customer journey can be recorded and automated. Clean, organized and clear. This resulted in a 17% increase in website users.

We are proud of this 360° campaign where all disciplines worked together optimally and seamlessly. From a well thought-out strategy to a consistent and uniform translation, during each touchpoint.

And the result is impressive. A user-friendly website, efficiency gains because all systems are integrated, and a brand that is future-proof. Translated into a brand book, marketing tools and a brand video that really persuade and make the direction for the future visible. And the icing on the cake was a solid launch campaign that attracted new potential customers. Pay. reached the next level!

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