A unique and bold campaign to boost brand awareness, brand presence and brand recall. Convincing everyone Wavin is the perfect fit.
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Wavin provides effective solutions for daily essential needs: safe distribution of drinking water and gas, sustainable management of rainwater and wastewater, energy-efficient heating and cooling of buildings, electrical, telecoms and industrial applications. Plastic pipe systems are an important part of this. They are the European market leader and have more than 25 branches in Europe.

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Branding, video, marketing, design, content.

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Problem statement

Wavin’s goal is to create a positive image and top-of-mind awareness among customers of FACQ, one of Belgium's largest B2B wholesalers for plumbing, heating and renewable energy. But there was one minor problem. Wavin’s products were not available at FACQ yet. So to convince their customers, there was one thing that needed to be done first… Convince FACQ. To help them do it, we designed an online and offline account-based marketing campaign. Aimed at creating visibility and awareness. 


Our goal

The campaign should help boost brand awareness, brand presence and brand recall with both target audiences: Wavin’s (potential) clients and FACQ’s decision makers. Eventually, by spreading positivity, being present and making a good impression we hope to positively influence the chance for a partnership with FACQ. Speaking directly to FACQ in a personalized way, first anonymously and after through Walter. Guiding them to a landing page that convinces everyone they are the perfect match.

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& approach
Be my valentine?

Wavin knows how important it is to be loved by (potential) customers. To show them their affection and appreciation we came up with a campaign set to launch on Valentine's Day. We called it… The perfect fit!

For this marketing campaign we introduced a new employee into the Wavin Family. The charismatic and always friendly… Walter! Our Perfect Fit Manager. Time to bring Walter to life and get Wavin top of mind with FACQ decision makers. By combining design, video and marketing we developed a unique and catchy campaign.

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the power
of video

We started out in Brussels where we released multiple short videos to reach our target audience. These videos introduced the character ‘Walter’ and showed the unique selling points of Wavin. 

We then narrowed down our target audience, leaving 12 important people to be our focus. As every lover on Valentine’s Day, we send them a box of delicious chocolates. Completely anonymously. But we didn’t stop there. We kept teasing. The next day we parked a van right in front of their headquarters. And we printed the ‘Perfect Fit’ logo on it, so when they looked out of their window they couldn’t miss it.  

And if that wasn't enough, we also sent a waffle stand their way to provide all FACQ employees with delicious belgian waffles. After their tummies were satisfied the last and final step of the campaign was a personal video, specially created for the selected group of 12 people. This video was send as a private message through LinkedIn and gave a recap of everything Walter did to get their attention

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landing page

We created a landing page where we tell why Wavin is the perfect fit. Specifically designed to inform and convince. With personalized messaging from Walter we give an explanation about the concept and way of thinking. Wavin’s unique selling points are carefully crafted and presented to provide the target group with valuable insights. Proving that Wavin is the perfect match. And guiding the target group to take action with strong call-to-actions along the way.

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location based
Always the perfect fit

We also created a more general image building message. Inspiring and informing potential customers about Wavin and its brand values. We aimed to gain awareness by being present and telling Wavin’s brand story without a direct commercial call to action. Examples were: ‘building livable and lovable places?’ and ‘Innovative solutions for Heating & Cooling?’. Wavin: always the perfect fit.


Online and offline presence

Alongside the account based campaign we created an image building campaign for social media, Google display, out of home abris and youtube bumpers. To generate more exposure, send the right message and work on that positive mindset. The combination of these platforms were chosen to let Wavin’s voice be heard. At every touchpoint. With communications aimed at what’s valuable to Wavin based on their brand story and purpose. 

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& benefits
Wavin x Wirelab: een perfect match

We boosted Wavin’s brand awareness, brand presence and brand recall with both target audiences: Wavin’s (potential) clients and FACQ’s decision makers. By creating personalized messaging we crafted the perfect Valentine’s day gift for FACQ. The love story is to be continued, because our crush seems to be a bit shy. Does that mean we made an impression? We’ll be waiting!

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