Maximizing lead generation with a website optimized for SEO, CRO and automation. With a conversion rate increase from 1.5% to 2.5%, the new website performs measurably better.

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Autokan makes the business purchase of a car without a large investment possible. Regardless of your preferences of car models, you'll find a multitude to choose from at Autokan’s nationwide network of car dealers. 

Autokan came to us for a new, SEO-proof website revamped for conversion optimization, marketing automation and smart content. We helped them improve their platform, allowing for easy car searches, automatic lease offers based on car information and effortless monthly payments. With a website that is optimized to capture leads, automate the sign-up process and help promote car sales, we can proudly say that we took the Autokan brand to the next level. Curious to see how? Keep scrolling!

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UI/UX design, development.

& goal

Autokan wanted to relaunch their platform that would allow their clients to choose from a wide range of vehicles to lease, as well as a variety of financing options, all in one place. A website that would provide outstanding user experience and a safe environment for financing cars.

First of all, we wanted to maximize efficiency when processing leads and provide an opportunity for lead scoring. Moreover, we suggested refreshing the old branding and updating internal technology to track leads and clients; thereby creating a powerful impact on the website traffic leading to increases in leads. Lastly, through providing captivating experiences via mobile devices - without sacrificing interface capabilities - we wanted to help Autokan to communicate its narrative with prospects in an unforgettable way.

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& approach

We helped Autokan with transferring their website into Hubspot CMS, allowing us to recreate the current layout and incorporate optimization of UI and UX elements right away. Crucial during this process was that any modifications had to be made immediately; otherwise it could result in an incomplete or non-synchronized new website being built upon the existing one - something which would certainly not do justice either to our efforts or potential audience base.

“The client requested a website with superior SEO performance and conversion rate. On top of this, they needed an integration with their HubSpot CRM system and an automatic link to lenders, to best help website visitors in finding the best ad within approximately 18,000 ads delivered to them from their data provider”, explains developer Marten Jacobs.


Search engine optimization

SEO was a key part of this project as the client is targeting a high volume of visitors through organic search engine optimization. To achieve this, we had to first create a design and then optimize it for search engines. We also integrated our HubSpot CRM with the website so that customer data could be easily imported and managed.

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Conversion optimization and persuasion

Conversion optimization was also a focus of this project as the client wanted their website to convert visitors into customers as quickly and easily as possible. To do this, we used persuasion techniques to convert visitors into customers.

“We looked at how we could increase readability and implemented persuasion techniques to boost conversion rates. For example, we used scientist Cialdini’s principle scarcity by adding the text ‘this ad is viewed by 2 others’. A powerful motivator to encourage visitors to act quickly”, explains designer Niek Hanterink.


Streamlining processes with automation

Automation plays an important role as the client wanted their website to work seamlessly with their existing HubSpot CRM. We integrated HubSpot CRM with the website so that customer data could be easily imported and managed, allowing the marketing team at Autokan to draft content to be automatically sent out to (potential) customers.


Lightning fast queries

To speed up the filtering and search functionality, we constructed a React-based front-end interface that connects to Algolia for lightning fast queries. Additionally, we implemented a robust Laravel back-end capable of handling all requests from our data provider as well as forwarding them onto Algolia for processing purposes; simultaneously integrating with HubSpot's system which facilitates deals along their lane in order to process loan applications by submitting requests through HubSpot. 


"We built a React front-end that works with Algolia for super fast filtering and full-text search in the ads" - Maarten Jacobs, development


UX and UI optimization

We made extensive use of UX optimizations and fine-tuned the UI, taking advantage of persuasion methods. Moreover, we undertook a full mobile optimization process along with building desktop pages according to demands. Ultimately resulting in an overhauled website that seamlessly incorporates elements from the old version.

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With our help, now is an efficient and easy-to-navigate platform, making the car financing process effortless. Created with expansion and scale in mind. 

The results are remarkable. Autokan managed to automate a large chunk of its back office, allowing them to save a significant amount of cost and time. With a conversion rate increase from 1.5% to 2.5%, the new website performs measurably better. Moreover, the backend turnaround time has improved significantly since Autokan now works entirely in Hubspot. Additionally, due to the system's integrated capabilities and easy interface, more work can be achieved at the same timespan. Lastly, application processing times have improved significantly. Currently, we are optimizing the processes, but we are already excited for what’s more to come. Stay tuned!

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