Making a memorable first impression with a meaningful brand name that sticks.

What is

Brand names come in all kinds and it’s an essential part of your brand. But a great brand name should not only fit your brand and what your brand stands for. It should convey the right energy to your target audience. Meaning that coming up with the perfect brand name takes time and shouldn’t be underestimated. With a brand name that is unique and memorable, and helps you convey the message you want your audience to associate with your brand.

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Why naming
Your brand name is the face of your company that customers will remember long after they’ve forgotten what you do or sell. It’s also the first impression customers have of your company — so it better be a good one. A strong brand name can differentiate you from your competitors. But coming up with a great brand name can be a headache. After all, you yourself might be (too) emotionally involved with your brand. And you might experience tunnel vision. We are here to take that pain away. By translating your values objectively into a brand name that perfectly represents you and sticks with your audience. 
How we approach naming

Through a collaborative and creative approach we help you come up with a brand name that sticks. We start by understanding your brand, audience and objectives. Then we conduct a naming audit to see what's working and what isn't. From there, we generate a list of names that are unique, memorable and meaningful. Finally, we test the names with your target audience to make sure they resonate. Ensuring that your brand name is in line with your brand story

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Make a memorable first impression with a brand name that's meaningful and sticks.