A visual brand identity, pay-off and website to surpass everyone’s expectations.

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Introducing Albourgh, a brand new tyre brand designed to revolutionize the industry.

And for a good reason. They produce some of the most durable and affordable tyres in the quality professional tyre segment. To surpass everyone’s expectations, they were in search of a next level partner. When it came time to create a brand identity for Albourgh, we made sure to stay true to their roots while developing a look that would resonate with their audience. Robust, durable and timeless. Curious to follow our journey? Get ready to experience the power of the Albourgh brand today!

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Albourgh Tyres

Brand Strategy, Visual Brand Identity, Webdevelopment, Brandvideo.

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& goal

Heuver came to us as they needed help creating and launching their own new tyre brand: Albourgh. They wanted a brand that would be recognizable and appealing to both tyre specialists and transport companies. We began by crafting a pay-off based on the brand strategy developed by our partner Brandguru’s and a visual identity that could be used across all marketing materials and channels. From a catchy pay-off and social media content to truck design and a website. All with the goal to help them with consistent and continuous implementation of their new brand identity, at every touchpoint.

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Surpassing expectations. A pay-off that sticks.

When we spoke to the Albourgh team, we could immediately sense that they have an endless drive to go beyond. To continue where others stop. Empowered by a team of driven professionals who go the extra mile and dare to innovate and inspire. We knew they needed a pay-off that showcased how they are shaping the global mobility industry for the greater good. 

From both their tyres and the Albourgh team - one can always expect more. That’s when we knew it. Albourgh. Surpassing expectations. A powerful pay-off with a double meaning. Both the Albourgh team and their tyres are always going further than expected. Moreover, there is a clever connection with driving and being on the road. Surpassing others and leaving competition behind. Surpassing expectations.

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A fresh visual brand identity and cohesive brand book

In line with the pay-off ‘surpassing expectations’, we created a visual brand identity that fully embraces this vision. A mix of modern design and fresh colors that also showcase quality and durability. We chose the colors black, blue and green to represent the Scandinavian northern lights. To tie it all together we combined it with a tough, robust look to give the brand an edge. The end result is a successful tyre brand with an identity that's both modern and distinctive. Finally, we created brand guidelines for all their marketing materials ensuring recognizability and consistency at all times.

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A responsive website for maximum traction 

To ensure that the Albourgh brand identity is presented in its truest form, we crafted a website with a contemporary yet clean design. Gone are pages of dense text; we paired concise copy with clear call to actions to draw the audience in. To make the website come alive, we created vivid 3D imagery that allows visitors to discover the full tyre range and their benefits. All in just a few clicks.

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Captivating animated brand video

Everyone has their own journey. Their own Northern Star. To showcase the road for Albourgh we created an animated brand video with Unreal Engine. We wanted to create a video that would be both visually stunning and engaging, allowing for brand activation. We chose Unreal Engine because of its capabilities for high-quality graphics and animation. Real time technology allows for a more fluid and realistic experience. In line with the visual brand identity, we used Scandinavian landscapes and cinematic lighting to create an immersive and awe-inspiring video that really makes you feel the Alborough brand.


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Engaging social media content

Content creation is critical to attaining business and social media objectives. That’s why Albourgh also asked us to create social media content and templates. We created engaging and interesting posts, with the goal to attract new followers and to spread the word about the Albourgh brand.


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Visibility at all times, even offline

To top it off we created various offline marketing materials for brand launch including a brochure, truck design and roll-up banners. These materials ensured that the brand was represented in all the right places for the brand launch under the creative concept: ready for the road ahead.

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The brand launch went off without a hitch - Albourgh's tyres blew away everyone's expectations and are now ready to be rolled out in Europe. The reaction from potential clients was fantastic - they loved the durability, brand mission, and the high quality of the tyres. Now that Albourgh has established itself as a leading tyre brand, we're confident that they'll continue to exceed expectations for years to come. We will remain involved and work on increasing brand awareness, reaching their audience and building the brand image with sharp sales targets to increase market share.

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