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HubSpot is a software tool built and used for inbound marketing. With this marketing and sales automation software, companies can generate, manage and support potential clients. All of this, and completely automated. We at Wirelab are huge fans of HubSpot. Let us tell you why!

Because the HubSpot platform is constructed from separate "hubs", sales and marketing professionals can efficiently work together towards common goals: more website visits, more leads, and more satisfied customers. How? The implementation of marketing automation, SEO, social media, lead management, landing pages, email marketing, dashboards, and analytics, to name but a few.

By utilizing HubSpot software, we implement inbound marketing. The various hubs help us create an ongoing, personal, and valuable experience for visitors, leads and clients alike. Want to know more about the implementation of inbound marketing? Head over to the page 'Methodology' and take a read!

The Sales Hub is a time-saving tool that helps create a clear overview of your prospects. The Sales Hub also helps your sales team automate tasks and close on deals more rapidly. Functionality that can help with this are:

• a detailed CRM.

• automated sales processes.

• a clear pipeline overview of your deals.

• insights and reports about your deals.

The functionalities within the Marketing Hub help you increase traffic and make it simpler to convert visitors into leads. In order to create a personal and valuable customer journey for diverse segments and target audiences, we make use of:

• tools for creating blogs, content and landing pages.

• automation of marketing activities such as emails and social media.

• smart functionalities for SEO optimization.

• lead nurturing and scoring options to convert visitors into leads.

During the conversion from visitor to a happy customer, the HubSpot software helps by connecting, highlighting and improving customer support. The Service Hub helps you to automate service processes and turn clients into advocates. This is done with:

• live chat and conversational bots to support your customer support team.

• creation and management of a Knowledge Base (FAQs).

• distribution of customer surveys to gather insight into NPS and customer satisfaction.

• automation of customer service activities.

We are a fan of HubSpot. There's no other way to put it. Instead of using an array of tools from various parties, all of our sales, marketing, and support tasks can be handled within one platform. What's not to love? As a certified HubSpot Partner with more than 20 certificates to date, we are ready and waiting to help you with your marketing and sales efforts, transforming them from outbound to inbound.

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