Brandweer Twente


Switching gears while saving lives

Firefighters have an important job. Understanding the gear they are working with is crucial and any issues that arise can potentially endanger the lives and safety of many people. When introducing a new type of communicator into their workflow, Brandweer Twente wanted to prevent misuse or misunderstanding,

but the available information guidelines were boring and lengthy - while often not available when the fire fighters actually had the porto phones at hand, quickly leading to a host of problems.

A new way of educating

Working in the digital field, repackaging information in a compelling way is not new to us. The opportunity to do this in an educational way for firefighters was thrilling. We took the time to familiarize ourselves with the device and knowledge necessary to carry out the assignment and then handcrafted a video from start to finish.

The video goes through each step and possibility of the device in a visually compelling way, providing maximal information delivery while keeping the viewer interested. All elements - from motion to audio - dynamically played into one another to create one hell of a tight information bomb.

Handcrafted from start to finish

Storyboard and scripting

Based on the desired functionalities the Brandweer Twente provided, we created storyboards and scripts with continual feedback to ensure that no information was left out.

Slides for all

A lot of parties were involved, and every one of them had their own need for information. We created personalized slides that informed people explicitly of what was important to them, whether it was the customer, the 3D artist or the audio designer.

Motion and Animation

The 3D model gave our motion designer complete freedom in manipulating and presenting the device throughout the video, resulting in a slick and spacious animation, where motion serves the story.

Art and Audio direction

To keep all communication lines tight, we directed the involvement of third parties while acting as a go-between for Brandweer Twente. A completely accurate 3D model of the portophone was created by Remuno under our supervision, and for audio we combined our forces with Lebensmude.

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